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Dr Chris McMaster

Mcmasters-0120-666Hi, I'm Chris McMaster.

I have been in Chiropractic practice for over thirty years now, having graduated in 1985 as a Doctor of Chiropractic from Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA. I am lucky. I come from a family of Chiropractors with a brother, a sister-in-law, my wife Nolene, a nephew and niece and both their partners, all Chiropractors. You see for me, Chiropractic isn't just a profession ... it is a way of life!

I first started practice in Henderson upon my return to New Zealand in 1985 and a year later relocated to Glen Eden where I was based for the next sixteen years. More recently Nolene and I were lucky enough to experience Chiropractic practice around the world in Dublin Ireland, for six years and also in Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman for two. We are now back in New Zealand and are pleased to be able to provide Chiropractic care for the people of North-West Auckland.

I love the role Chiropractic has in better function and maintenance of the spine and nervous system, and it's overall effect in allowing better health and healing. I particularly enjoy seeing the "hidden" benefits of Chiropractic care come to light in people who, for the first time feel the benefit of having a nerve system that is fully supporting them and allowing them to express a potential to be healthy and happy.

I love all things sport, where rugby, motor racing and cycling among my favourites. Over the years I have been privileged to provide Chiropractic care to All Blacks, Olympians, World Champions and the weekend warrior alike. I have seen first-hand how Chiropractic can have often miraculous effects with injury prevention and repair, not to mention the added benefits of better performance.

In my spare time I love to cook, travel and ride my mountain bike as often as I can. This year, I would like to ride as many of the new national mountain biking trails as possible while reacquainting myself with beautiful New Zealand. I look forward to meeting you and partnering as many of you as we can in achieving your own individual health goals.

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